This page is a work in progress. Rules are subject to change.

Please follow these rules. Tl;dr versions are available wherever necessary on the site, but please read this page thouroughly as well, for your sake, ours, and everyone else who plays the game.

Failure to follow these rules will result in an appropriate number of warnings, followed by bans. Some rules are more harshly enforced than others. Bans will cause you to lose access to any multiplayer functionality. If you buy the game and manage to get permabanned, you're shit outta luck. It's really not that hard to follow the rules.

Rules of the rules

  1. Everyone has the right to refute a ban or other punishment. Please email me if you think we did something wrong.
  2. We will never ban or otherwise punish anyone over personal reasons. Again, contact me if something's up.
  3. If you are, within our reasonable doubt, guilty of whatever we banned you for, we will let you know. We will block or ignore those who contact us incessently.
  4. Not every rule is bannable or even warnable, some are more like guidelines to keep the game fun.
  5. Acting smart or trying to find loopholes will only multiply whatever punishment you're trying to avoid.
  6. The current.gen Studios team reserves the right to ban anyone we feel contributes negatively to the community. With that said, as long as you follow these rules, you'll be fine.
  7. Getting banned revokes access to web services and multiplayer. Singleplayer (and guest mode in the demo) will still be playable.


These rules apply pretty much everywhere.
  1. We don't tolerate hate speech, hateful symbolism like swastikas, or otherwise hateful language.
    • This includes, and of course is not limited to: descrimination based on race, nationality, sexuality, gender, etc. - there are places for each of those that you are welcome to be a part of. We don't hate free speech, we just hate assholes. Sorry.
    • Since the line can be blurry, we'll decide on a case-by-case basis. Just don't be an asshole and you'll be fine.


  1. No obviously intended hate symbols. So no swastikas out of platforms. We don't mind dicks though.
  2. Do not edit maps to hold more pieces than the game allows. We don't hate you and it doesn't collapse any servers, it just causes a lot of server lag for anyone playing it.


  1. Zero tolerence for any files that aren't level files. This includes any type of file (harmful or not) disguised with the extension ".scl" or any image type - this will result in an immediate permaban. If you messed up, it better be abundantly clear that it was an accident.
  2. Asking users to change the file extension of a map will be an immediate permaban.
  3. Uploading anything explicit or questionable (in terms of NSFW) for map screenshots, avatars, or any other publicly displayed image will get you banned from uploading. In this case, we do mind dicks.
  4. Only upload your own content. Downloading a map and changing it is permitted, but please give credit to the original author or map. If you feel that your content has been stolen, let me know.


  1. You are expected to behave yourself. Those who are a nuisance to other players will be warned or tempbanned.
  2. Be a good sport. If you're going to leave because you're losing, at least wait until the match is over.


These rules include behavior in-game and on the site.
  1. Pretty low tolerence for slurs and hate speech. (That means don't do it.) Vulgar language is fine.
  2. Mean-spirited comments, attacking, and overall toxicity are not ok. If someone is being shitty, don't stoop to their level, just block them or leave the server.
  3. We can see who's profile you've voted on and what vote you gave them. Vote spam is not permitted, and you may get your voting permissions taken away.
    • Vote spam is loosely defined as giving a large number of people a certain vote (or seemingly random votes) in a short period of time.


Please don't, it ruins everyone else's time.
  1. Any type of hack will result in an immediate tempban. Repeated use of hacks will most likely get you permabanned.
  2. Any attempt to mess with the website in a way you're not supposed to will get you permabanned immediately, without any opportunity to get your account back. If we're in doubt, you'll be tempbanned and investigated. If you're in doubt, don't fuck with the website.
  3. I can't stop you from hacking, taking apart, or reverse-engineering the game. If you do, I ask that you do not ruin the game for other people or sell your hacks.


At the moment, after purchasing the game, everything is free. Currently no extra content is behind a paywall. If you've paid for any content, you got ripped off.
  1. Selling any game content in exchange for real money or things of value is strictly forbidden. Anyone found making money off of our game will most likely be permabanned without warning.
    • The line gets a little fuzzy when it comes to friends or someone that already knows the content is free. Trade or sell content at the risk of the other person reporting you.
  • At the moment, the game doesn't have any content you can trade or sell. We are hoping not to make an economy around a future cosmetics update we currently have in mind, but are not ruling it out completely. This rule still applies for maps and possibly accounts. (Please don't support shady businesses like G2A, or at least just don't buy indie games from them.)